Monday, August 22, 2011


I just wanted to share my amazing experience with Will and Serra of SemiNomadicSoap. I ordered the 4 bars for 10 bucks (2 eucalyptus mint, 1 cedarwood sage, 1 peppermint for me). I've ordered from this shop a few times now and each time I am impressed by their customer service. I mentioned one of my other orders from them in a previous post. The soaps are exceptional. They smell wonderful, they have a great look and feel, and the packaging is simple and pleasing. They always include a little something extra, which isn't necessary but makes all the difference. It's not that I like getting stuff for free (but who doesn't really?), it's just feels like they put a little extra care into the package, like they actually put enough thought into it to think I might enjoy trying a new scent or the beautiful handmade soap dish they included in this last order. Plus, their communication is great, they let me know right away that they had shipped my order (which, by the way, arrived super-fast) and they thanked me for my business. They are wonderful sellers and I highly recommend purchasing from them if you are in the market for top notch handmade soaps and quality customer care.

Check out my loot! Please excuse the not so great pictures...I've been dinking around with the retro camera app on my phone. But for better pictures, check out their shop: SemiNomadicSoap

The four bars I ordered, plus a mini soap in a new scent I haven't tried, PLUS a really awesome, handmade soap dish! Score!

Retro camera app (blurry) pic of the Eucalyptus Mint FAVORITE. It smells so clean and so refreshing. If you're going to order from them and are having trouble deciding...this is the one I recommend trying first.

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