Monday, May 27, 2013

pinterest challenge #1: rosemary vanilla lemon home scent

I am (like probably a million other bloggers out there) challenging myself to actually try out some of the gazillion pins I have scattered on my Pinterest boards. I thought I should start with something simple...something I can't screw up. Or can I?!?
I actually think I have this pinned on more than one board, so I must really want to try it right? The Rosemary Lemon Vanilla Home Scent pin. It's pretty simple, just a few springs of rosemary, a sliced up lemon, and a few teaspoons of vanilla extract, simmer it all in some water on the stove top and supposedly it makes your whole home smell like Williams Sonoma. Well, it has been a while since I've meandered into a Williams Sonoma store, but I don't think the current scent in my tiny apt at all resembles in the interior of that store. I followed the recipe, but all I can currently smell is the overpowering fragrance of rosemary. Don't get me wrong, I love rosemary. I just don't think this what I imagined when I tried this pin out.

Find this pic here
This is the original blog post the pin came from.