Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Butterbeer makes everything better...

We're waiting on pins and needles to hear about an apartment in Tacoma...hopefully we'll hear something tomorrow. No luck with the job hunt, yet. I soothe my frustrations and stress with glasses of homemade butterbeer. I skip the actual butter and just mix butterschnaps and vanilla cream soda..SO GOOD.
I am also re-watching A Very Potter Musical, which also makes everything better or should I say, it makes everything TOTALLY AWESOME! I highly recommend this musical to any Potter fans. It's incredibly funny and creative, plus Voldemort has never been sexier. You think I'm kidding? Watch it! Also, Draco is hilarious!

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Vampires and such...

So I had to order a textbook for school and since I was on Amazon, already ordering books I indulged and ordered this. Now before you start judging (and I know you will!)...the books aren't that bad. Yes, the main character is whiny and everything is just a little too perfect, I always feel like in each of the books the conflicts are too easily resolved. However, they are a fun read in my opinion. I don't take them too seriously; they're more like junk food for my brain. Easy and tasty to read. What I do enjoy about them is that I think they really capture that first love feeling, at least what I remember. Like how you feel like you might just die without that other person and you can't imagine anyone else ever being more perfect for you. Of course, once you grow up a bit and your mind isn't clouded by teenage hormones, you usually realize how very wrong you were and then just the memory of how silly you were makes you cringe...ugh.