Monday, September 27, 2010

Seattle adventures

Being unemployed and being at home more than ever has made me a little stir crazy. While I do enjoy being able stay up late, sleep in, stay in my pajamas all day, and basically do whatever I want, its difficult to adjust to. So I finally dragged Fig to Seattle for a late morning/afternoon of adventures! We parked a few blocks away from the Pike Street Market and walked downhill the rest of the way.

Our first stop was Le Panier, a little French bakery right on Pike Street across from the Market. We picked up a few yummy pastries (chocolate croissant and a few souffles) and enjoyed a late morning breakfast in the park beside the Market. Later on in the day, when we were leaving Pike Street, I picked up a box of macarons from the bakery...its the end of the day and they're almost gone! So delish.

There's so much good stuff to see/eat/buy at Pike Street. We browsed some great used bookstores, checked out lots of locally made goods, admired the beautiful fresh produce, and people watched.

Wall of gum on Post Street underneath/behind the Market. WTF.
Inside the Market. 2nd floor, I think.

Lamplight Books at the Market

The famous Pike Street Pig.

Do you see the hidden beast?

So much fresh, delicious looking produce.

It was a misty day.

The famous fish market! We didn't see any flying fish today.

Enjoying a refreshing peach-ginger iced tea and the beautiful fall leaves.

After we left the Market, we headed north to Green Lake. We parked by the lake, bought some lunch from Urban Bakery, and found a picnic table by the lake to eat lunch and enjoy the beautiful day. 

Yummy turkey sandwich; nothing special, just fresh goodness.
Green Lake

Fun, leafy trail by the lake.

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