Thursday, September 23, 2010

Apartment warming fun!

I spent most of yesterday napping with the cat and watching DVDs of Friends. Yes, it was a good day. Speaking of Friends, we received a wonderful package from one of our very dear friends in the mail last week. One of our inside jokes/great thing about our friendship is that we bonded over watching DVDs of Friends and playing Mario Kart when we lived together and didn't have cable. So now everything is a joke about Friends or Mario Kart.

In one of the seasons, Ross moves into a new apartment and Phoebe brings him a home-warming gift of 'salt so your life always has flavor, bread so you never go hungry, and a scented candle for the bathroom cause, well, you know...' So that is what we got in the mail! How awesome is that!?! So creative and thoughtful.

Oh and there were also a set of Jack Skelington coasters from Disneyland (!) in the package! This is a picture of them in use, don't they look awesome!?!

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