Sunday, December 18, 2011

A week until Christmas!? Really?

I just took this picture with my phone of the view from my desk. Its damp today, there are still brown leaves falling into piles and clinging on to branches, and not a snow flake to be seen. It feels more like the week before Thanksgiving than the week before Christmas. 

Where's my snow!? Its not like I'm asking for feet and feet of it, just a light dusting to make everything look like a winter wonderland...and possibly get me out of work early! :)
I'm done with my Christmas shopping...which was enough to make me feel like the Grinch. But instead of complaining, I think I just need to be better prepared. The problem is that I am the fucking queen of procrastination and put everything off until the very last possible nanosecond. Seriously, I can rationalize myself out of doing anything. I'm really going to try this year to buy gifts throughout the year and keep them in boxes labeled with that person's name. Hopefully, if I can stick to this plan, I will have a much less Grinchy holiday experience. How about you? Are you done with your shopping? Any tips on how to manage stress during this time of year?
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