Monday, March 7, 2011

Excellent Saturday

Coffee (in my TOTALLY AWESOME marauder's map mug) and croissants for breakfast.

Browsing the weekly paper on Saturday morning, Fig noticed that Yann Tiersen would be playing a show in Seattle that night. On a whim we bought tickets (good thing, because the show was sold out that evening) and spent a few nice hours in Seattle. We don't make it a point to visit Seattle very often, but we have so much fun every time we venture up there. The show was at the Neumos Theater which turned out to be a really excellent venue. It was such a change to see a concert in such a small, intimate place compared to the huge, impersonal feel of the venues in Las Vegas. The theater is connected to Moe Bar which has a yummy menu and very nice bartenders. But, being that I am now a crotechty old lady when it comes to concerts and I do not want to stand for 3 hours, I LOVED that the venue had plenty of seating. We spent some of the time watching the opening band from the upper level (amazing view), part of the time on the floor, and the rest of the time relaxing at one of the tables.  The group that opened, Breathe Owl Breathe, were pretty great and Mr. Tiersen and his band were amazing, of course.

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