Thursday, May 13, 2010

Re-reading Harry Potter and other potter stuff...

I'm currently in the middle of re-reading the Harry Potter series, about half way through Goblet of Fire. I love these books. They have brought me so much happiness. I love talking to other Potter fans about the books and it's lucky I have quite a few friends that share my love of Harry Potter. A few months ago one of these friends happened to have a birthday. Fig and I put together a 'parcel' full of HP goodies with an 'official' Hogwarts letter inviting her to take a vacant teaching post at the school (she's a history teacher). We pulled a ding-dong-dash and left in on her door step and scattered a few white feathers around to give the impression of the package being delivered by owl post. Fun!

In other Potter news, we are just a week away from visiting Harry Potter: The Exhibition at the Ontario Science Center. Not only am I psyched to view the exhibition, but I'm looking forward to checking out Niagara Falls and Toronto...good stuff.

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